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Free Unlock Code Promotion from ottawapc.ca

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Ottawapc.ca is offering FREE unlock codes! To be eligible for a free code, take 5-10 pictures or record a video of the unlocking process of your phone using our codes.
How it works:

1. Buy your code from us
2. Your code will be delivered by email, use the code we sent you and take pictures or make a video of the unlock process
3. Send us your pictures/video or upload to Facebook/Youtube and send us the link(s)
4. We reimburse your full payment!

Email us at info@ottawapc.ca, and specify your phone’s Brand, Model and the network its currently locked to
We will email you back if your phone is eligible for the free unlock code. Not all phones are eligible.
Picture Guidelines:
- Take 5 to 10 good quality pictures showing the phone unlocking process. Pictures must show: The imei# on the phone screen or under the battery, the screen on the site where you fill in the imei# and the model, different screens that show up while doing the unlock, the screen that asks to input the unlock code, confirmation message that shows up when the code has been accepted and any other relevant pictures!
send the pictures to info@ottawapc.ca or upload to out Facebook page
Video Guidelines:
- Video must be clear
- Going to http://www.ottawapc.ca , finding your IMEI number, selecting the model and network of your phone and placing your order. (Please do not show any payment information)
- Inputting the unlock code sent to you by email into your phone.
- Upload the video to Youtube.com and send us the link
THAT’S IT! Once we validate your pictures/video, we will refund 100% the original amount you paid and your phone is unlocked for FREE.

Pictures or videos that do not meet the guidelines may be rejected from this promotion. If you have any questions about this promotion email us: info@ottawapc.ca
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